About Us

Founded by a Filipino-American couple, Ricel and Dennis Payopay, in 2019 from a small city in the Pacific Northwest. The brand was created to influence those to erase doubt and embrace, believe in, and love all that is YOU.

Ma Arté Co. plans to collaborate with artists that share the same values to create imagery that reflect nature’s beauty and the beauty of our lifestyle and culture. A brand dedicated to the appreciation of art and aesthetic. The company is driven by the ever-growing love and support for Ma Arté Co. from you, our customer.

Our beautiful community is full of empowered people of all different shapes, colours and cultures from around the world.

Ma Arté is artistic. It is often used in Tagalog slang to describe a person who is high-maintenance, hard to please, extra, too much, and the list goes on. Although it has a somewhat negative connotation, let's embrace those characteristics unique to our own! 

Be EXTRA, be ART, and do YOU! Life is your blank canvas. Paint it with personality!